Our Healing Hands team is equipped with remarkable skill to get rid of neck, shoulder and back pain by:

  • Fighting fatigue and conquering pain
  • Increasing employee production
  • Boosting morale in the workplace!

Chair Massage Packages

Energy Option A

10 Minute Session

An overall relaxation chair massage that starts with a quick assessment to address any particular areas of concern. The session starts with warming the muscles, followed by your Massage Therapist customizing a plan that may consist of special attention to the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back. All catered to meet your desired goal.

Rejuvenate Option B

15 Minute Session

Same as our Energize Option. But the extended time allow the massage therapist to focus on areas of knots and tightness detected in the neck and shoulder area to your lower back and around the hip area.

Stress Relief Option C

20 Minute Session

This option really allow your therapist to continue working through areas of tension, making it much easier to work out tough knots. Because the nervous system becomes fully relaxed, you may even dose off to sleep. The Therapist may round off the session by spending a little time on the legs and arms.

Add-Ons for Chair Massage Sessions

Gift Certificate Package

Gift Certificates for a full massage are offered a discount rate when booking a chair massage. Pre-buy as many as you like, for the day of your event, to raffle off!

Paraffin Wax Treatment

A heat therapy treatment. Often used for muscle, tendon and joint ailments (such as arthritis). The treatment increased blood flow so joint stiffness and pain is reduced. The skin’s elasticity is improved to allow increased movement and mobility. Leaving the skin softer and more youthful is a plus.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

  • Proven to reduce stress, relax and calm the nerves of tense or fatigued employees.
  •  A calming and comforting touch provides a physical and mental rejuvenation for those employees engaged in time sensitive mentally challenging projects. Current Medical research (University of Miami’s School of Medicine) indicates that a basic 15 minute chair massage not only decreased job stress but significantly increased alertness and work productivity.
  •  Ideal for workers that develop the “kink in the neck or shoulders” or headaches due to overuse syndrome on the phone, computer workstation, or have “lifting/bending/carrying” type jobs.
  •  The perfect experience for the overachievers that have a difficult time relaxing.
  •  Massage therapy improves mental activity in the workplace and gives employees time to refocus on difficult workloads with extra vitality.
  •  Treating your employees to a weekly/monthly or occasional massage will show your employees that you appreciation them for all their hard work and help boost morale in the workplace!