Table massage at Home or In Hotel

Our Healing Hands team is equipped with remarkable skill to get rid of neck, shoulder and back pain by:

  • Fighting fatigue and conquering pain

  • Increasing blood circulation

  • Calming Nerves

Massage at Home or in your Hotel:

60 and 90 Minute Session

This allows you overall experience of convenient mobile therapeutic full body massage at your home or at your hotel. Why not avoid traffic and relax at Home or in Hotel after getting a massage. We bring all the supplies needed, massage table, sheets, relaxing music.

Massage Services

CLASSIC $100.00 /60 MINUTES   $130.00/90 MINUTES
This traditional Swedish-style massage uses light to moderate pressure and incorporates a variety of techniques to promote balance and relaxation, from gliding to kneading.

ACTIVE $140.00/60 MINUTES    $170.00/90 MINUTES
Ideal for the end of an active day, this treatment offers a strong, deep massage,
designed to alleviate muscle tightness and the effects of strain.

PRENATAL $100.00/60 MINUTES    $130.00/90 MINUTES
Designed for mothers-to-be, this gentle massage uses body cushions to help increase
circulation, providing relief from swelling and cramping.

COUPLES $200.00/60 MINUTES   $260.00/90 MINUTES
Romance meets revitalization with this personalized massage for two, a shared
experience catering to each individual’s specific needs.

SIGNATURE $120.00/60 MINUTES   $150.00/90 MINUTES
Our personal signature massage are designed to bring your mind, body and spirit together as you melt into a state of total bliss. Utilizing my personalized selection of relaxation techniques to engage your senses and soothe away stress. A concentration of warm moist towels, a selective essential oil is used to add that special touch leaving you totally relaxed and energy balanced.

Signature sugar foot scrub, combines hot stone therapy with the strokes of a Swedish massage. Smooth heated stones relax and warm tight muscles allowing work more deeply to release tension.  

Concentrates on soothing areas of tension and discomfort. This massage is intended for individuals that have localized pain and do not have time to experience a full body massage. It is also suited for clients that receive regular full body massage but have a persistent area of tension that requires more frequent attention.

Massage services are offered in the privacy and comfort of your home or guestroom.
An additional 6.625% Tax and 20% Gratuity will be charged to your treatment

To book your treatment or for additional assistance, please contact us
  Healing Hands on Wheels at (201)298-3482 or book at, under BOOK A HEALING HAND
Kindly give us 48 hours prior notice.
We Bring the Relaxation to You!

Massage Therapists are provided by Healing Hands on Wheels.

Monthly Memberships are available $89.00 a month please reach out for further details

Add-Ons for Table Massage Sessions

Gift Certificate Package

Gift Certificates for a full massage are offered a discount rate when booking a chair massage. Pre-buy as many as you like, for the day of your event, to raffle off!

Paraffin Wax Treatment

A heat therapy treatment. Often used for muscle, tendon and joint ailments (such as arthritis). The treatment increased blood flow so joint stiffness and pain is reduced. The skin’s elasticity is improved to allow increased movement and mobility. Leaving the skin softer and more youthful is a plus.

Aroma Therapy Treatment

 Aromatherapy include its ability to reduce anxiety, ease depression, boost energy levels, speed up the healing process, eliminate headaches, boost cognitive performance, induce sleep, strengthen the immune system, reduce pain, improve digestion and increase circulation.

Sugar Foot Scrub Treatment

Sugar scrubs are a type of scrub typically, they're formulated with sugar granules, which are used to help physically exfoliate  dead skin cell buildup of the feet. Exfoliating with a sugar scrub can help create the appearance of smoother, glowing skin.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

  • Proven to reduce stress, relax and calm the nerves of tense or fatigued employees.

  • A calming and comforting touch provides a physical and mental rejuvenation for those employees engaged in time sensitive mentally challenging projects. Current Medical research (University of Miami’s School of Medicine) indicates that a basic 15 minute chair massage not only decreased job stress but significantly increased alertness and work productivity.

  • Ideal for workers that develop the “kink in the neck or shoulders” or headaches due to overuse syndrome on the phone, computer workstation, or have “lifting/bending/carrying” type jobs.

  • The perfect experience for the overachievers that have a difficult time relaxing.

  • Massage therapy improves mental activity in the workplace and gives employees time to refocus on difficult workloads with extra vitality.

  • Treating your employees to a weekly/monthly or occasional massage will show your employees that you appreciation them for all their hard work and help boost morale in the workplace!

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